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rodney tweeting, it's circus, political games from both sides. just terrible. and finally, a prehalloween tweet. the doggies dress up as a football player and a bunch of grapes. have a great day. more of our tax dollars going to waste. we've learned that one government agency spent $50,000 on a parody movie. today, lawmakers are asking for answers, but one former official does not care to talk. plus, how are things at home? wondering if your relationship's going to last? why don't you ask facebook? because today researchers say facebook can predict whether your relationship will survive. and the key, who your friends are. we'll show you what to look for. and virgin america tries to get passengers to pay attention to inflight instructions. ♪ that is a safety dance.
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let's get to it. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> first at 3:00 this afternoon, engineers have not had enough time to test the final version of the obama administration's troubled health care website. at least they didn't before it launched on october 1st. that admission from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius today testifying before capitol hill. saying government contractors did properly test the individual kpoep components of the system but did not put them together until late september. >> i know everyone was concerned there were risks and were likely to be problems with a brand new integrated insurance system. i don't think anyone ever estimated the degree to which we've had problems in this system. >> secretary sebelius says she is responsible for what she calls a debacle and promises that a vast majority of customers will be able to use
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the system by the end of this month. she also suggests that the website never actually crashed. listen. >> we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do. to date, although i would suggest the website has never crashed, it is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability and has continued to function. >> well, not really. because even as the secretary testified today, visitors to the site reported getting this message. informing them the system is down. the feds say a verizon data center did cause a system outage last night and engineers are working to fix the problem. mike emmanuel is live for us this afternoon on capitol hill. lawmakers also raised security concerns for people on this site. >> you're right. there's a memo signed just days before the launch of the obama care website which said the
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security control assessment was only partially completed. >> has each piece of that code that's been introduced in the system been security tested? >> that's my understanding, yes, sir. and the testing -- >> each piece of that code has been tested. yes or no? >> i don't know. >> that's -- >> i can tell you that security -- >> that's a much safer answer, trust me. >> and mike rodgers says with new tweaks to the website constantly, there needs to be end to end testing, if you would, to make sure the whole site is secure. and he's very much worried with all the personal information being put into this health care website that there may be a hackers dream, if you will, available out there. >> we're about to hear from the president just a few minutes, right, mike? >> that's right. he's going to boston. the birthplace, if you will, of romney care. and bottom line is, he can expect he'll say in the initial days of governor mitt romney's health care plan in the state of
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massachusetts, it may have been a little bumpy, but he'll make the case years later that generally people in the state of massachusetts are happy with their health care, so perhaps asking the american public to be a little bit more patient with the rollout of his health care law which, of course, was based on the massachusetts model in trying to say give it more time. ultimately, he believes, it'll be a good thing. >> all right. live up on capitol hill. so everybody in your tv box has been testing this thing. it's my turn. i have a bigger computer anyway, it should be worthwhile. this is the, and it's beautiful, looks especially good in our background here. and if you go to this, go to new york which is where i live, it says visit the new york state site and, boom, it works perfect. but there are plenty of states that it doesn't. and that's what we're talking about. for instance, if you live in mississippi, which is where my family lives, touch mississippi and then go to mississippi apply online, oh, boom-boom-boom boom.
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bob barker's coming back, by the way. we hope to have the technical difficulties resolved. in a hurry? you might be able to apply faster on our marketplace call center. to talk with one of our trained representatives about applying over the phone. the ceo of dynamic communications, the company that creates and upgrades all kinds of systems all over the interweb. did you build this one? >> i did not. wish i had the opportunity. >> where are we now? i mean, this is largely a political football. everybody knows that. but this doesn't work and that's big trouble. >> it is big trouble. and the issue is, it's the architecture. what they need to do is break it down, build it back up, fix it, break it down, build it back up, fix it and re-write the code.
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so many moving parts and end points that have to happen here which makes me nervous. i'm really worried about the security here. >> so this is as if i built a house say in a hurricane zone, i didn't put any clips on it, the plugs don't work. everything's a disaster and i need to start over? >> i believe you do have to start over here. there's too many end points. what i'm worried about here is the security. everything goes to the cloud, everything is stored on servers out there. all the information. what happens is, when you have that many moving parts and things are broken, it could be stuck out there. if it's in the cloud, it's secure, if it's in cyber space, it's out there to be had by hackers. >> that's what you were talking about security concern. >> that's a big security concern, as well. >> would you go on and look for something now? or would you be worried? you don't give them a lot of your medical information right away. that's not how this begins, right? you don't give them too much personal information. >> well, you have to give them personal information at the beginning because what it does
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is runs a credit check on you so then it goes to the credit site. so the whole issue, you have to give that information first. that's the bigger security problem. where normally you would go on a site, like orbitz, you're looking for pricing. no, this you have to give your information first. so you have security issues here, but it's really architecture, you can put a lot more servers out there for volume and it's not really going to do anything. >> it's not, huh? >> no. >> i'm going to try again. they're blaming verizon, i think how could this be verizon? >> well, one of the best data centers there are issues sometimes when you do get a lot of volume, but i believe that issue has already been fixed and back up and running. no machine is 100% efficient in technology and you do have issues. >> look at this. i tried to apply online. watch what happens when i hit
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apply by phone. first line, contact us, get status update about performance and the actions were taken to improve your experience. you can do that online, if you want except it doesn't work. they even have one for the hearing-impaired. small business resources and online chat. i wonder what would happen there. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i believe this is going to take months to be done. you have to continue to test and slow roll. when you have the big social networks that came out, they slow rolled it out there. didn't go ahead and throw it out there. >> yeah. >> and it's going to take a lot of time. >> here's hoping they figure it out. nice to see you. >> thank you. there's another new report on the national security agency today. let me guess, you're expecting great news, right? i know better. this time the nsa apparently hacked into the main
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communication links that connect yahoo and google centers around the world. what does this mean? well, it's a government break-in that potentially allows the feds to collect information from hundreds of millions of users, many of them american users. that's according to the "washington post" and documents it obtained from the nsa leaker edward snowden. according to this report, field collectors processed, get this, 181,28 181,280,466 new records in one month. an operation of this kind in the united states is illegal. of course the nsa is allowed to operate overseas but not here. what from google and yahoo. released a statement saying the company is troubled by the allegation. a yahoo spokeswoman says we have not given access to our data centers to the nsa or any other government agency. clearly that is not the accusation. the accusation is that the nsa broke in, not that anybody gave anybody permission. in other words, the nsa broke the law.
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of course there's more. an italian magazine reports that the nsa may have spied on the pope and some cardinals. sources say the magazine -- sources at the magazine have been told that the nsa eavesdropped on vatican phone calls possibly around the time the former pope benedict's successor was under discussion. possibly, it reports before the conclave that top secret meeting of cardinals. a vatican spokesman could not or at least would not verify the claims. man alive. in the past hour, the justice department joined the lawsuit against the company called investigation services. the firm that vetted edward snowden. investigations services essentially gave the okay for snowden to handle top secret information before he leaked documents about spying. so that we're finding out about all this is ed snowden's fault,
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therefore everything is ed snowden's fault, certainly not the nsa. meantime, russia is facing its own spy scandal. russian operatives gave goody bags a the the recent g-20 summit containing usb drives and phone chargers. those were actually designed to download information and send it back to russia. world leaders from countries including the united states, china and germany all gathered in russia. a kremlin spokesman denies the allegations, of course. the european union is reportedly now investigating. the last time those lovable losers from boston as they used to be called, the red sox, won a world series there in boston was the year 1918, world war i was underway, the constitution didn't yet guarantee women the right to vote and a guy named babe was playing for those sox. now the team is a few short hours away from a shot at making history at fenway and we'll take
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one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad... there was a connection that started it all and made the future the wonderful thing it turned out to be... at bank of america, we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. the fall classic, game six of the world series starts in a few hours on fox broadcast network. the red sox are one win away
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from clinching their first title at home in fenway in 95 years. and if you plan to be there and don't already have a ticket, you better be rich. the cheapest ticket on stubhub right now is listed at more than $700. and you don't even get a seat. $760 for a space in standing room only. if you want to sit by the dugout, a seat there is listed for a cool $12,000. bottom line, though, win or lose, history's already at hand. analysts say this is the most expensive game ever played in the history of major league baseball. and if st. louis wins tonight and ties up the series, they'll go to a game seven also at fenway and prices could go higher, they say. but for the cards just getting to boston was a challenge of its own. mechanical problems delayed the team's flight for about seven hours yesterday. my goodness, seven hours, there was a long wait on the tarmac, the players and families stuck on the plane in st. louis until a different aircraft could get there. fortunately, they had twitter.
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this from david frese, on the way, boys. imos, a famous place in st. louis, can we get a toasted rav. on the bright side, really getting to know some of my teammates' childre children #bonding, #plane problems. the team also put a photo on instagram with the caption, new plane, same journey. more from fenway park this afternoon and she's live for us there today. a sox fan herself and our new england based correspondent. must be pretty sweet today. >> reporter: the fans are starting to pour in, the vendors are getting set up and security's expected to be tight tonight. as you mentioned, shep, it could be historic. the red sox have not won a world series championship on their
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home field at fenway park since 1918, woodrow wilson was president, fighting world war i, babe ruth still played for the red sox. this is game six and it's a little bit of a rematch between the st. louis cardinals and the boston red sox. they played in the world series in 2004. but tonight, the cards have got to win game six if they want to push this to a game seven. they're a tough team. the cardinals have 11 world series championships under their belt, second only to the new york yankees. so a tough match and all eyes here and a lot of security, as well. >> molly on site. the results are in for this year's most powerful people in all the world. and this list is probably going to surprise you. coming up in our daily slide show, a look at who's on top. the most powerful people in the world. and who just got knocked down a peg. hang tight. what's better than zero heartburn?
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 20 minutes past the hour, and "forbes" magazine released its list of the world's most powerful people. look who's first. oh, this is fifth. the fifth most powerful person is the german chancellor angela merkel, they say. she's very happy with us these days. we listened in on her phone calls, you might have heard about that. and then there's the pope. the word is we were spying on them before this one actually became pope. and then there's president xi of china, the third most powerful person in the world. china is also quite unhappy. then there's president obama who used to be the most powerful person and this year only the second most powerful person. and he says he's upset about the spying. and look who is the most powerful person in all the world according to "forbes," putin. we did not have to spy on putin
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to see his greatest hits. for he makes them available to one and all. this is manly putin on a horse, shirtless, here's manly putin with a gun, again shirtless and in a field. here is manly putin with a shirt in camo-ish colors and a hat. big fish, did he catch it? i don't know. here's putin with a large animal and someone who looks like a cross between fidel and -- and here putin is in his olympic regalia hanging out with dogs, it would appear. very manly. here's putin with a cross bow. he's hunting whales, don't you know. and here's putin doing judo. my guess is that he was also there when kim jong-il hit the six hole in ones on the round of golf. but putin, instead, hole in one all of the holes, so he shot an
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18 on 18 holes that day with kim jong-il. and that's today's slide show. congratulations to president putin on your greatness. a convicted baby killer known as the angel of death could soon be a free woman. and that's all thanks to a legal loophole. all this word is coming to us from prosecutors in texas. they say this woman janine jones may have killed dozens of babies by giving them deadly injections. investigators say she did it because she got a kick out of it. a kick out of trying to revive them. this woman claims she didn't do anything wrong. the mother of 15-month-old chelsea mcclellan is the only child jones was convicted of murdering and the mother recently appeared on "fox and friends." and listen to her describe the moment when jones gave her daughter the lethal injection. >> i knew something was wrong and i said something and jones' reply was, well, she's just mad because she got a shot and so she gave her another one in her
12:24 pm
other thigh and by that time she was already struggling to breathe. >> she worked at a hospital there. a jury sentenced jones to 99 years in prison. three decades later, she could soon go free in part because of good behavior behind bars. apparently there were no babies to kill there. out on good behavior. what do you think of that? tell us on twitter at shepnewsteam. and we'll take you to our analyst andrdreandrew. >> she's out in 30? you know, the procedure for sentencing changed radically between the time she was sentenced and now. when i first went on the bench, you sentenced to enormous, even ridiculously high numbers knowing that the defendant, the guilty convicted defendant would serve a third to a half. then it was changed and you sentence to realistic numbers knowing the defendant would serve 85% to 95% of the time.
12:25 pm
because this was 35 years old, she was sentenced under an old regime in texas which said you will serve 1/3 of your sentence if you behave well in jail. she's sentenced to 99 years, going to get out after 35. now, 35 seems short to the mother whose baby was killed, my heart goes out to her. but 35 is longer than most people serve for adult murder in the united states, the standard is 30, no parole. 30 years is literally -- 30 times 365 days, there's no time off at all. the 35 is not short. here's the problem, if the government believed that she killed 40 children not just one, it should have tried and attempted to convict her of 40 murders not one. and then she would've gotten 40 99-year sentences. now the government's saying, can we go back now and try her for one of the other 35?
12:26 pm
it's almost impossible. the cases are so cold. the witnesses are gone. it would also violate legal principles which say when you have all of this evidence of al defendant. >> what you're saying is the intent of those who prosecuted and sentenced her, really the court, would that she would serve 30 to 35 years which was the norm. >> yes. >> and they didn't charge her and try her on these other cases is the fault of the government. >> yes. we don't know why. the people who made the initial charging decision are no longer with us. was 35 years ago. we don't know why they didn't try her on three or four of the others which would've assured she would spend the rest of her natural life in jail. they didn't. i know there's great pressure on these people to find a way to keep her in jail. but they can't ask she be resentenced. you can't be resentenced 35 years later and can't charge her with a crime she allegedly committed 35 years ago when they had all the evidence and knew about the crime then and made a conscious decision not to charge
12:27 pm
it. they're caught in this conund m conundrum, it's not their fault. the people making the decisions today are not the ones making it 35 years ago. they inherited this bad judgment. you have a local prosecutor up for reelection. >> there's the key. >> who senses the pulse of the public which is obviously not happy with this. and they're trying to do something about it. i can't predict which way it's going to go. >> at least look like they're going to do something about it. >> she'll be out when she finishes that 35th year, which is not tomorrow, it's four years from now. >> thank you. >> pleasure. >> did you notice that noise? >> i don't know what it is. was i leaning too hard? >> no, this table -- this is three weeks old. >> oh. >> already it sounds like somebody's grandparents. >> this is -- >> not that there's anything wrong with grant parents. >> what's called a design defect. has to be sent back to the manufacturer. >> this is the most beautiful studio in the united states maybe on the planet. >> thank you. it squeaks.
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we're going to get wd40. >> we're receiving your tweets already on the story we just covered. >> i'd like to hear. >> we'll bring those to you. >> i'd like to show you this on the big wall. remember this guy? >> yeah. >> we called him mr. hot tub and he is ginormous here with his two glasses of wine. he's a gsa administrator. his name is jeff neely and we've had a lot of fun with him. he became sort of a poster child for government waste after all the lavish conferences in las vegas all on the taxpayer's dime. there's more of it coming out on another government agency. more expensive gifts, another movie parody, and this time somebody asked for cheerleaders. you make a great team. it's been that way since e day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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it is half past the hour. more of the headlines on the fox
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news desk. s.w.a.t. members found the body of six people, including two little children shot to death in a home in south carolina yesterday. that's according to a local sheriff. deputies say the gunman called 911 and said he was planning to hurt himself moments before shots rang out. at least 45 people are reported dead after a packed bus slammed into a highway barrier and burst into flames. happened today in southern india. and in utah, the daughters of a doctor who is accused of murdering his wife are testifying against him. they say after their mother drowned in the bathtub, their dad hired his mistress as a nanny. the daughters say that mistress did not do any typical nanny-like work, cooking, et cetera, but she did visit dad's bedroom at night. defense lawyers say the wife had a heart attack and fell in the bathtub. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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according to a new report from the house oversight committee, planners at the department of veterans affairs spent more than $6 million taxpayer for lavish conferences back in 2011. here's how the committee chairman, the republican congressman darrell issa reacted. >> they were not intended to be picked by either contractors that were likely unnecessary or, in fact, people who we held accountable and paid to be accountable to the taxpayers. >> but according to this report, the department spent $98,000 of our money on promotional items, whatever that means, $50,000 for a 15-minute parody video. and the marketing consultant asked whether the washington redskins cheerleaders were available to make an appearance. apparently they were busy. but it does seem the trouble does not stop there. according to one report, one
12:35 pm
conference planner found out that he had a shortened schedule so he sent out this e-mail. quote, woo-hoo! early day party! of course, some critics are comparing this to the general services administration, lavish conference in vegas in 2010. federal employees racked up an $800,000 tab and, again, mr. hot tub because we can, he's since left the agency. molly is live for us this afternoon in washington. mol molly, how did this one come to light? >> it was a tip. someone contacted the v.a. expect or the general's office in april 2012 for information on these lavish conferences. that triggered an investigation leading to all of these details coming out. the deputy inspector general today said no one seemed to be in charge and no one seemed to say no to more spending. >> there was no spend plan.
12:36 pm
no cost tracking. there were credit card purchases made above the authorized contract level of the purchaser. one individual made 10 purchases that had a value of over $10,000. when his contract didn't allow hum to make purchases above $3,000. >> meanwhile, more than 700,000 war veterans have been waiting more than 125 days for their backlog disability claims to be processed and approved. >> what's the v.a. saying about all this? >> well, here's what the v.a. is now former assistant secretary for human resources said at the hearing today when he was asked about the two conferences in 2011. >> with all due respect, mr. chairman, on the advice of my counsel, i respectfully decline to answer based on my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> the new assistant secretary for human resources who came on
12:37 pm
board just last month says the v.a. started implementing, quote, corrective action last year. >> the training conferences estimated to cost over $20,000, the policy requires the appointment of a second senior official to ensure that the training conference is executed in accordance with policy and at the cost approved by the administration or staff office. >> and a spokesperson for the v.a. tells fox, quote, the v.a. has zero tolerance for any misuse of taxpayer dollars. >> thanks. so are you in a relationship and maybe you wonder will it last? i'm now told facebook may well have your answer. there's this new study that suggests the social networking site facebook may be able to actually predict a user's romantic future. a computer scientist at cornell university and a facebook engineer looked at more than 1 million facebook users who listed themselves as in a relationship. the researchers found that most
12:38 pm
couple do not share many of the same mutual friends. but when they do, their relationships are far more likely to succeed. so this now is a trial attorney and radio talk show host, also editor in chief of the >> i dressed up for you today, shep. >> i see that. >> what it's saying is if you and your other share common friends, your chances are better. revolutionary, stunning information. >> well, actually, what the study says, shep, is they looked at 1.3 million facebook profiles of 20-somethings, okay. and facebook was able to predict 60% of the time who your romantic partner was. and what the study actually says is if you have a ton of mutual friends, you're less likely to stay together. >> less likely? >> yeah, it doesn't make any sense when you think about it from our age group. but check this out. this is a sign of what it's like
12:39 pm
to date in your 20s. most 20-somethings are meeting people online. when you meet somebody online, you date outside of your circle of friends. >> right. >> the best relationships, according to facebook, are the ones that build bridges between people. so they're basically saying if you're dating somebody from college, it's probably not likely to last. if you've met somebody new and they're introducing you to cool new people, you've got a better shot. >> how long has facebook been around now? >> i don't know. 12 years. >> in the grand scheme of things, much less than 1/4 of my life. and if you're dating outside of the people whom you know and others like you know and your friends know and all that and you're just random, the chances might be better of you finding a real wacko you didn't realize was a real wacko. i don't know. >> well, there's some real wackos, probably, in all of our circles of friends, as well. but the truth is, wasn't last year, shep, the first year there was more people got married in the united states that met
12:40 pm
online than met offline. so things are changing. but what hasn't changed is the fact that the best relationships are the ones that expand your life not the ones that close it in. >> hear hear to that one. ones that make you a better rounded person, fill in the gaps for you. where you have short comings, he or she fills them, et cetera. >> correct. >> i would like to say good luck to your red sox, but i would be fibbing, and i try not to fib here. >> i don't think we need it. but it's great to see you anyway, shep. >> i'll be watching because there's nothing else on tonight. see you later, mel. >> see ya. >> my nets host the heat tomorrow night in brooklyn. i'm excited. actually it's friday night. sadly tomorrow's not friday. thousands of folks are gathered to watch pope francis speak at the vatican, but a little boy jumped on stage and stole the show. it happened on saturday, but the video came in today. look here. a group of kids had prime seating around the stage to see
12:41 pm
the pope speak and hear. but seems one of those little ones wanted to get closer. see here. a boy wandered up and stood right next to the pontiff. seemed amused, smiling and patted the kid on the head. some cardinals tried to get the kid off the stage. and the pope even let him sit in his seat. as he delivered his speech. what a cute little boy. man, how great. is that. i hear the phone ringing, but we're busy here. plenty of folks love italian food, right, now the study that shows all the spaghetti and rigatoni and other pastas could be making you depressed. pasta makes you depressed. in moments, the reason i hate studies. standby, please. you don't want to miss this.
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a few minutes ago, we asked you what you thought of the story of janine jones, she could get out of prison early.
12:45 pm
investigators say she may have killed as many as dozens of babies. as many as 40. and this is to shep news team. this is from fan girl. shep team, i don't believe in early release for good behavior. a jail sentence should be for the time sentenced. i hear you, but you heard the judge's explanation for that. there was no intention for her to spend 99 years. they didn't charge her for more crimes which they could've done. just tell the mothers of the babies she murdered, i think they might have something to say. we're with you on that. the problem is the prosecutors didn't try her for the other murders, they decided not to. here's another one here. she should not get out of jail and they should -- and they should have charged her for all of those murders. that's absolutely ridiculous. that's from harropanda, spot on. tough news for anybody who enjoys pasta, looks like tough news, anyway. all the carbs could lead to
12:46 pm
depression. that's according to new research. the harvard school of public health studied 43,000 women over the age of 12 and the researchers found -- i should say 43,000 women for 12 years. and they found those who regularly ate meat, red meat and refined grain including pasta were up to 41% more likely to suffer from depression. there's another study out from the university of eastern finland that found the exact same result in men. what do we make of this? dr. raj is with us. >> that's right. >> i thought when you are depressed you go to comfort food and pasta is a comfort food. isn't it backwards? or am i reading it wrong? >> well, it's a good question. actually, the study doesn't prove cause and effect. it is sort of which came first the chicken or the egg? are they going to the foods because they are depressed or
12:47 pm
tend to get depressed because of the unhealthy diet? this is a large study, so many women, 43,000 women, over 12 years of research coming out of harvard which is a pretty legit place to do research. getting interesting data and we do know diet is related to mental health. and, you know, we are what we eat. and it really affects us not only physically, we've certainly seen that with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, but mentally, as well. we're seeing connection for alzheimer's and memory dysfunction and depression. those that did eat a healthy diet, higher in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, they had lower rates of depression. i think there really is something to this. does this mean you can't order pasta next time you go to a restaurant? no, we're not talking about a one-time thing, but frequent use of processed meats, pastas, these are probably not good for you. >> i have a fact to share with you. i like facts better than
12:48 pm
opinions. the fact is pasta does not depress me. >> okay. >> when i eat pasta, it makes me feel good. >> it does make you feel good. >> i don't do it every meal or every day or even maybe every week. >> right. >> but i really like it. >> it does make people feel good, but that's usually a pretty short-lived feeling. sometimes you get the crash and it doesn't sustain you whereas a whole grain will keep you on an even keel throughout the day. once in a while is fine. >> everything in moderation. >> including moderation. >> especially with a nice red sauce. >> all right. well, have some red wine with it because red wine is good for you. >> you can count on that. dr. raj, great to see you. >> you too. >> no matter what airline you're flying, right before you take off, somebody tells you about the rules and what they do. and the whole thing, right? but you don't pay attention. so virgin america is trying a little something different.
12:49 pm
all right. it's the airline safety dance and it's next. clay. mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down. you need some campbell's chunky soup before today's big game, new chunky cheeseburger. mmm. i love cheeseburgers. i know you do. when did you get this place? when i negotiated your new contract, . rt of the deal. cool. .. it fills you up right.
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breaking news now on the fox news deck. you're looking behind me as governor deval patrick of the state of massachusetts is introducing the president of the united states. why is the president speaking today? kathleen sebelius and others have told us that things are working better with the health care website. so now we're going to hear from the president on this matter. what is he about to say regarding the ongoing problems with the health care system, not the system itself but with getting on-line and making it all happen. he's going to cite the massachusetts health care law's slow start, that was romney care, of course, mitt romney's
12:53 pm
health care law in massachusetts had a very slow start. he's right about that. the president's going to make an analogy to those. maybe he'll give us answers on what's going on. associated press is reporting that only 123 paying customers signed up in the first month of the massachusetts law. 123 people. with 36,000 enrolling by the time penalties for failing to have insurance kicked in. so the president's going to make an analogy there. at boston's historic nathaniel hall, that's where mitt romney signed that state's 2006 health care overhaul bill into law at the time joined by the democratic senator ted kennedy. romney care meets obama care. and where there was a time that they were trying to get us not to conflate the two, now the president would like to remind you what's happening in massachusetts according to polling in massachusetts, is working ins massachusetts, and the president says slow starts are normal things. the fact is, what is not normal
12:54 pm
is a website that doesn't work. we went to the website just a few minutes ago, signed up from some states. if your state is one that has its own health care system, like new york has its own site and management thereof it's possible it works. if you're one of the states you have to go through the federal system it's not working. deval patrick introducing him, he's talking about the massachusetts health care law and let's listen to deval patrick for just a second and then the president is coming on, explanations today, we'll see. >> our version of the marketplace. this policy matters. thank you. david works as a waiter, where are you, david? there you are. >> they're talking about local stuff there, which is all good and well for massachusetts, but we want to wait for the president to talk about the national stuff. so since we have a moment, shall
12:55 pm
we try logging on again? this is if you haven't tried it why not try it. you have a computer, log on and see what happens. you don't have to give them any information. just try it. apply on-line. as i mentioned earlier, i'm in the state of new york. and when i click new york, it says visit new york state of health apply now. see this. watch this. here it is. so you just click that and watch this. i can do that. visit new york state. i can't because i drew on there. oh, well. i could probably do it with the mouse maybe. yes. and there's the new york state of health. the official health plan marketplace for anybody who lives here in new york city or new york state and it's up and running and running just fine. but if you go to -- if you live in one of the states where you don't have your own, mississippi is one i'm familiar with that, because the family is from there, you apply on-line, oh, well, the system is still down
12:56 pm
at the moment. experiencing technical difficulties. frankly this is not new information. and that's one of the things that the president is expected to address today. is the system going to work any time soon? trace gallagher has more on these problems that have been experienced on-line and live in our west coast news hub. >> it could be the next level, shep, of problems because we're talking about what you said here some of the states and california you can get on the website, new york you can, and mississippi you cannot get on them, but now a lot of states are appointing navigators, people who will help you kind of get on-line and navigate the problem. except the problem with that is, a lot of the people who have been designated as navigators don't even know they're navigators. in iowa there have been many reports where the local news stations have called these so-called nave gators and they pick up the phone and say i don't know what you're talking about. no one has talked to me about being a navigator. that could be the next layer of
12:57 pm
this. someone signed them up without them knowing that they were supposed to help people navigate the health care website. in some states it's working, some states it is not and some states where people need help, they may not get the help they need in the days and weeks ahead until the government and the so-called navigators can all get on the same page or at least notify these people that they're supposed to help those who are in need of getting health care coverage. >> and trace, the promise again, today was, that they're going to have all of this stuff fixed by the end of the month. that was the promise? >> and we have talked to a number of website designers who say it's not going to happen because what happens in -- and megan had a very good analogy, megan kelly, her husband is a former website guy who said you can't have nine women give you a baby in one month and that's the problem. no matter how many of these expert web designers you bring in, you still can't fix the problem which is, intuitive in
12:58 pm
the actual software that was put in. so what they're saying to us is, if this thing actually gets on line in november it's not going to be up to full speed until maybe february or march, maybe even april, and that's best case scenario. so it could be that someone who's brilliant is in the trenches right now working this whole thing out. the next steve jobs is working it out, but from our understanding all the website designers we have talked to and web engineers have said it's going to take more than 30 days to right this ship. >> it's interesting that this has been a political football all along. everybody knew that. that's not a secret. but now, this -- the problems with this website are just like gifts from heaven for republicans who wanted to delay the individual mandate, delay the tax and now, well, it makes a the lot more sense than it ever did before doesn't it? >> yeah. and just go back one step if you can and look at the guys saying wait, let's get this thing rolled out when in essence they
12:59 pm
were saying the republicans who fought so hard to get this thing stopped and to stop this law, and now they're saying well maybe they should have sat back and let them roll this thing out because of the numerous problems that have occurred because of this. i mean, keep in mind, we still haven't gotten numbers yet. that's the big thing. there has been some leakage of numbers, but nothing from the administration has come out saying hard and fast here's the amount of people who have signed up in california, here's the amount who have signed up in new york. so the hard numbers we still have not gotten, and if the numbers were positive you would assume you would have gotten something. you would have gotten some hint of the numbers. the numbers apparently cannot be positive. shep? >> well, they must not be, because any time you have good news you share it. if it benefits you, you share it. here's something funny. this is deval patrick speaking, the governor of massachusetts, introducing the president of the united states. we were told once governor patrick starts that means the president is two minutes away. so from the beginning of his
1:00 pm
speaking, two minutes away. i'm guessing that if i had the opportunity to introduce the president i might go long too but this is too long. so there's patrick and here's the dow, all-time high yesterday, today we're down. maybe tomorrow. today cavuto. >> you are looking live at massachusetts governor deval patrick giving the longest introduction in the history of mankind. my goodness, he has been up there the better part of ten hours. we don't know. maybe ten minutes. it's a long introduction, setup for the president of the united states. he's coming to friendly territory to try to sell a health care law that is sputtering and getting a lot of people protesting on the day his health and human services secretary was getting a real grilling. she took responsibility for that. the president will take responsibility for a law that he says is going to do a lot more good than bad in a place where a former governor by the name of mitt romney came up with health care for his

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